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Suffering from scoliosis? Which Dextroscoliosis or Levoscoliosis?

Scoliosis is a two dimensional deformity of the spine present in human body. In this deformity the spine that seems to be straight when seen from back bends abnormally. This causes lateral curves in human body the extreme condition of scoliosis can result to deformity of spine into S or C shape. A person suffering from scoliosis can face many difficulties and acute pain, but all depends on the curvature of the spine.

When the spine is bent on right side it is called dextroscoliosis (dextro is derived from dexter, a Latin word which means towards right hand side) and when it is bent on left side it is called levoscoliosis. It is not only left or right that decides the seriousness of scoliosis, but how much degree of bent and where exactly the bent is also contributes equally. On right of spine the heart and ribcage is situated so when the spine bends right it affects the heart the most.

Dextroscoliosis is further divided into “mild” and “severe”, every severe curvature begins from mild, so mild is equally serious as severe dextroscoliosis. This mild and severe is also different depending on the area of their occurrence. If the curvature has happened in the thoracic part of the spine then the case is severe than the curvature happened in the lumbar (lower back) part. Moreover if the force and pressure of spine increases on right then it is chances that some ribcage may be hampered or even may break.

Levoscoliosis is also divided in the same way as dextoscoliosis the only difference is in side. A patient suffering from levoscoliosis can face terrible back pain, abdominal pain, and can face trouble in physical work. This is because in levoscoliosis the spine bends left in thoracic region affecting liver, lungs, intestine and other important organs of the body. This initially is less dangerous than the dextroscoliosis, but later the effects of this happen on heart, resulting to heart failure or similar fatal problem.

There could be no worst situation than this, wherein even the posture is badly affected. It is very easy to diagnose as it results to uneven shoulder, uneven hips, and even worst. In some cases life expectancy decreases, but if it is idiopathic scoliosis then the life expectancy is not affected. Both levioscoliosis and dextroscoliosis can be diagnosed better through x-ray. It is better that with first sign of heart problem or change of posture you should consult an orthopedist or chiropractor. It is their job to decide whether or not to conduct an operation. Although there is no cure to this deformity but it can be controlled by spinal fusion operation. In this operation grafting of bone near and tying it with the old spine bone is done, so that when it heals it forms one solid spine (which is also straight).

This and other treatment of scoliosis depends entirely on the type, age and stage of scoliosis, if discovered in first stage it can be controlled from getting worst.